chapter  6
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Social uses of the beach and relationships with transgressive bodies

Being a female surfer in Morocco
ByChristophe Guibert

Being a Moroccan female surfer involves combining social and cultural norms with being watched by men. Alternating between profits (social and symbolic) and disadvantages, the surfers interviewed in 2014 (in Rabat, Mehdia, Casablanca and Oualidia in the north of the country and a second area in the south, Agadir and Taghazout) have all been subjected to unusual early socialization with their male peers or within the family sphere (fathers and brothers). Female surfing, although quantitatively scarce, ultimately questions the inclusion of the values upheld by Moroccan society through relationships to the body in public places (beaches) and gender relations. This chapter aims to understand the sexual changes in beach-recreation use, particularly in surfing.