chapter  7
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Culturally situated narratives

Expanding insights and accountabilities
ByMona Saleh Alsudis, Venitha Pillay

This chapter offers insight into the challenges of negotiating writing and meaning making in diverse cultural worlds. It serves as an example of a culturally situated narrative at work. The chapter aims to bring into relief the culturally situated voices at play in the research arena and to suggest that a culturally situated narrative approach may help to traverse this complex yet exciting terrain. It hinges on two central notions, culture and narrative research, brought together into a single conceptual space that is referred to as culturally situated narratives. It emerges from a broader study in which the author researched the phenomenon of Saudi women becoming academic researchers while living in a conservative religious culture. Every culture is shaped by the beliefs and practices of the people living within it. Saudi Arabia, is a country that is based on Shari'a (Islamic law), and the religious texts of the Quran guide the entire nation.