chapter  10
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Young People and Digital Grief Etiquette

ByCrystal Abidin

Through in-depth, in-person interviews across five months from a pilot study in Singapore conducted between September 2016 and January 2017. This chapter considers how young people under 30 years old who have grown up with the internet manage grief in digital spaces and develop repertoires of grief etiquette. It deals with an overview of how experiences of death and grief have been augmented in the digital age, followed by some sections on how young people mediate personal grief through digital technology. “Materialities of memory” reveals a recurring insecurity over the longevity of digital artifacts and memorials, how young people convert materialities of grief-related artifacts between the digital and the physical, and the construction of digital memories. The young people in the chapter were highly cognizant of the continuums of privacy and publicness of their social media habits. For a group of digitally literate and savvy users, young people feared the loss of digital footprints and meaningful connections with the deceased.