chapter  5
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Storytelling the Self into Citizenship

How Social Media Practices Facilitate Adolescent and Emerging Adult Political Life
ByLynn Schofield Clark, Regina Marchi

Contemporary scholars have broadened studies of citizenship to focus on a variety of forms of political and civic engagement, including participation in activities of protest and boycotts, pressure on legislative officials, and involvement in civil court cases, among other things. A great deal of research has suggested an important link between the consumption of news and the development of citizenship. Actions of citizenship are related to public opinion formation, which in turn is influenced by journalism. This chapter describes by acknowledging some of the challenges that have emerged with the shift from trusted journalistic sources to a situation in which youth socialize one another into politics via social media. It proposes that in order for young people to come to see themselves as part of a collective in which they can bring about the changes they wish to see, they must participate in storytelling themselves into that collective, and into citizenship.