chapter  7
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Every Click You Make, I'll Be Watching You

Facebook Stalking and Neoliberal Information
ByIlana Gershon

This chapter focuses on one style of interaction that Facebook enables: Facebook stalking. This was the activity that was most likely to inspire media ambivalence in people, to force them to focus negatively on the techne of Facebook. As Amelie points out, Facebook stalking is intended to be invisible to the person stalked, while in other cases of stalking, the stalkers generally want those they stalk to know that they are being stalked. Facebook stalking came up often in interviews, although only Gwen had taught a class on how to Facebook stalk. The impulse to conceal secret Facebook stalking is such a strong one that people will go to great lengths to hide how they are exercising their curiosity. A Facebook profile is understood as a reflexively managed representation of an embodied self, with the ever-present possibility of playing with this generally shared expectation of locatable embodiment.