chapter  11
Integrating the Developmental Niche
Relations among Socialization Goals, Parental Ethnotheories, Daily Activities, and Parental Responses to Temperament
ByMirjana Majdandžić, Marlis Cornelia Kirchhoff, Katri Räikkönen, Oana Benga, Emine Ahmetoglu
Pages 7

The aim of this chapter is to integrate the developmental niche by exploring how parental socialization goals and ethnotheories are related to the toddler’s daily routine and maternal responses to child temperament displays. Country-level analyses revealed that children in countries high in relational socialization goals watched television longer and played less primarily for entertainment. Children in countries high in autonomous socialization goals spent more time on computers, slept longer at night, and their mothers used less shouting/swearing as a discipline technique. Mothers’ socialization goals/ethnotheories were unrelated to their responses to child temperament displays. Hofstede et al. cultural dimensions emerged as important contributors to the developmental niche.