chapter  10
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Practices in Nitrogen Fertilization of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.): Effects on the Distribution of Protein Sub-Fractions, Amino Acids, and Starch Characteristics

WithDivya Jain, Bavita Asthir, Deepak Kumar Verma

Wheat grain proteins play a crucial role in forming the strong, cohesive dough that retains gas and produces light baked products. Glutens are important in baking quality because of their impact on water absorption capacity of the dough. Their elasticity and extensibility can affect wheat flour quality extensively. Albumin and globulin probably have critical role in flour quality. Starch serves as a source of carbon during yeast fermentation in bread making, in setting of the bread loaf, and in retrogradation during storage. Reports indicate that different N rates can cause changes in the total amount of different grain proteins. None of the past studies have reported the effects of different doses of nitrogen application on grain quality parameters such as starch (amylose and amylopectin) and proteins (albumin, globulin, gluten, and prolamin) sub-components of wheat.