chapter  2
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Estimation of Crop Water Requirement and Seasonal Irrigation Water Demand for Eragrostis Tef: Model-Based Analysis

WithFitsume Yemenu Desta, Michael Eshetu Bisa, Gebeyehu Tegenu, Asheber Haile, Girma Kassa

This chapter has the objective of estimating the water requirements and seasonal irrigation water demand of tef at selected sites in the central parts of Ethiopia, based on CropWat 8.1 MODEL in case of tef (Eragrostis tef).

The analysis showed that the seasonal water requirement (mm/season) for tef was 481 for Quncho, 448 for DZ-01-974, and 408 for DZ-01-976. The seasonal irrigation water demand for Quncho variety at Debre Zeit was 681 and 833 mm for heavy and light soils, respectively. At Alem Tena, it was 836 mm.