chapter  4
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Managerialism, Schools, and Teachers’ Work

Education Reforms in Brazil
WithÁlvaro Moreira Hypolito

This chapter discusses the managerial and neoliberal education policies that have influenced public school curriculum and policy in Brazil to such an extent that other children, particularly those of color, are disadvantaged. It explores management as a hegemonic model of governance in public schools. The chapter explains how managerialism is related to performativity, influencing policymakers in defining education policies in schools and formatting curriculum, school subjects, teachers, and students. It explores some examples of how reform has affected and impacted labor, teachers, and public schools that serve mostly disadvantaged students by constructing partnerships with the private sector. The chapter concludes that neoliberal education reform, with its promise of better education for all children, has, in fact, brought about retrogressive results in the Brazilian education system, a similar argument to that raised by Ravitch about the US education reforms.