chapter  5
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Scandinavian Aesthetics as a Taste Regime in Korea

The Case of IKEA
WithLydia Jungmin Choi-Johansson, Cecilia Cassinger

Scandinavian design is really popular in Korea at the moment, but no one knows when it became popular and what it actually is. The concept of translation is used in order to understand how the meanings of Scandinavian aesthetics are modified when enacted as a taste regime in Korea. Translation may be described as a process of mediation that involves a transformation from one state to another, usually involving action nets comprised of various actors, technologies, and practices. IKEA constitutes a key institutional force that mediates and thus translates Scandinavian aesthetics in Korea. Scandinavian design is a current trend and a powerful imaginary governing Korean home interior decoration. Scandinavian design aesthetics was popularized by the idea of democratizing design for the masses. With the industrial production of furniture and the development of cheaper materials, there was a need to expand the market share for design furniture.