chapter  6
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In or Out? How Consumer Performances Lead to the Emergence of New Tastes

WithPierre-Yann Dolbec, Andre F. Maciel

In contemporary consumer culture, a growing number of markets has assigned an increasing emphasis to aesthetic taste. The role of organizations in producing new aesthetic tastes has been extensively documented, the role of consumers in creating these tastes is a less theorized area of inquiry. Consumer research has increasingly taken up the conceptualization of taste as a social practice. Using Bourdieu, many researchers explain how this practice is a weapon that builds distinction across social groups. In addition to netnographic and archival data, twelve interviews were conducted with consumers to understand their taste performances and discursive efforts in the forum as well as their overall perceptions of fashion aesthetics. The emergence of goth ninja as a distinctive taste, of course, did not occur in an aesthetic vacuum. Forum members initially created their outfits through bricolage with the garments from existing fashion designers they admired.