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ByIan Luke, Jan Gourd

The book is separated into three sections. Part I, ‘Locating the professional in the political context’, focuses on the importance of recognising the political influences on education. Each author identifies how important it is to sustain a professional identity and for teachers to promote a collaborative, sharing culture. Part II ‘Challenges facing the professional’, sees the authors wrestling with issues that will impact upon the ability of the professional teacher to thrive. Finally, Part III ‘Laying the foundations for the thriving professional’, deliberates the building blocks for the professional teacher; in particular the importance of principles, resilience and wellbeing for the professional teacher. The final chapter in the section pulls the key themes of the whole book together, discussing the significance of reflective practice in forming a strong, sustainable professional identity and forming the basis for a collaborative teaching and learning environment in which teachers and pupils can thrive. As such, every chapter within this book explores dominant issues teachers encounter.