chapter  6
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Creativity and purpose in the curriculum

ByGill Golder

This chapter explores creativity in the educational context, the tension between accountability and creativity and the research supporting teaching creatively and developing pupils’ creativity. It considers how teachers are balancing the drive for high academic attainment with the benefits for the learner and society on developing creativity, exploring different curriculum models that engender both. In exploring models that highlight creativity and dispositions to learning, the challenge for teachers is to enable and empower learners to develop depth of knowledge by creating a learning environment and adopting a pedagogy that fosters self-regulated learners. In this creative context, both the teacher and the pupil are able to develop agency and a sense of control over their own learning. This sense of control allows a feeling of wellbeing that helps both the teacher and the learner to flourish and thrive (Seligman, Ernst, Gillham, Reivich & Linkins, 2009)