chapter  7
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Resilience and wellbeing in childhood

Education and therapy
ByHazel Bending

Wellbeing and resilience are two related factors; while wellbeing is an individual’s subject sense of happiness, satisfaction and meaning in life, resilience refers to the mechanisms they use to overcome hazards and risks. Both concepts are socially constructed. When we are considering resilience we need to focus on an individual’s protective factors, and how these can be utilised or boosted to enable individuals to deal with hazards and risks to their wellbeing. In education we also need to think about how we provide risks and hazards to children’s wellbeing, and the opportunities we provide them to have autonomy, control, choice and connectiveness. Equally importantly we need to consider our own wellbeing, to reflect on our own protective factors and to identify the hazards and risks that may challenge us, our professional values and the community in which we work.