chapter  12
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Tracing connections and consequences
ByYahya M. Madra

The concept of process is both an effect and a cause, simultaneously constituted by and constitutive of a complex overdetermination. It is an effect of Steve Resnick and Rick Wolff's own reading of the concept of overdetermination that they propose as a critique of the modernist theories of causality. It is a cause to the extent that the concept of overdetermination attains its "estranging" quality due to their invention of the notion of process. In tracing the philosophical and epistemological connections and theoretical and methodological implications of the concept of process, two important lineages delineate: one developing in relation to structuralism and the other in response to the Marxian struggle with the Hegelian dialectic. The centrality of process has three important consequences for the construction of their theoretical framework: it is a springboard for their critique of ontology, it provides the basis for their theory of the subject, and it leads the way toward their formalist turn in class analysis.