chapter  16
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Marxism and postmodernism

Our goal is to learn from one another
ByRichard D. Wolff

The ongoing enmity between Marxism and postmodernism has persistently limited success in many people's efforts to achieve that goal. Marxism has made considerable progress on that escape and on constructing the alternative vision and goals that drive its contributions to 21st-century history. This chapter talks about epistemological absolutism of classical religions that lived and lives on in the absolute truth fetish of later, secular theories that claimed otherwise to have made great strides beyond religions. Within a Marxian ontology or social theory, overdeterminism means that any and all aspects of past or present societies are understood to be the products of all the other aspects. Wealth and power distributions were indeed participants in overdetermining the social organization of the surplus. Economic events are overdetermined by natural, political, and cultural events. Any one cultural movement is the combined effect of all other cultural and also economic, political, and natural aspects of societies preceding or coexisting with that cultural movement.