chapter  17
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Global Marx?

ByGayatri Chakravorty Spivak

The author describes Antonio Gramsci's well-known remark, in Prison Notebook 10, in reference to Karl Marx: Our general idea about Marxism is usually a violent change in governance, dependent upon regime change, the will and wisdom of a leader, supported by a responsible government. The relationship between Marxism as it is known and this post-anthropocentric epistemological perception-rather different from the easily declared post-humansim of the sustainable underdevelopers of environmentalism-is too massive to be launched here. Any serious consideration of a just world has to consider the relationship between Policy and socialization, a very far epistemological cry from "the general will of the global". This is where a global Marx must allow its tight focus upon the proletarian to waver into the classed, gendered, raced (non)citizen. The author concludes with the critique of knowledge management by way of opening Marx to globality, with a question mark.