chapter  24
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Bad communisms

ByMaliha Safri, Kenan Erçel

This chapter focuses on the dark side of communism. Sexual labor is a highly charged and divisive issue among feminists. While radical feminists typically consider sexual labor to be demeaning and exploitative by its very nature, sex radicals and prostitutes' rights advocates regard it "as work, as an occupation susceptible like others to exploitation". While the USSR was widely acclaimed as the preeminent example of existing socialism, Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff took a certain kind of perverse delight in showing that for the most part, the Soviet experiment did not foster communist class processes. Resnick and Wolff argue that despite the centrality of the state in the process of forced collectivization, the collective was nonetheless the first body to appropriate and distribute surplus labor. No individual farmer could touch or lay claim to the product that belonged to the collective. Concentrating on bad communisms similarly helps crystallize the moment of collective appropriation by the direct producers.