chapter  25
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Hope without guarantees

Overdeterminist anti-capitalism amidst neoliberal precarity
ByEllen Russell

Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff invite people to reject exploitation, which they define as the appropriation and distribution of surplus labor by those who have not performed it. Resnick and Wolff's epistemological commitment to overdetermination precludes the possibility of asserting guarantees concerning the future convergence of various radical goals and the elimination of exploitation. Hope supports people to imagine and act in pursuit of a society that they view as "better" than the status quo. While hopes reflect the desire and the possibility that people might successfully achieve aspirations, guarantees depict aspirations as certainties. The concept of "precarity" is currently influential in the examination of contemporary neoliberal capitalism, particularly among those who emphasize a cultural perspective on precariousness. An outpouring of literature examines the attempts to secure alleviation from insecurity as the "central preoccupation" of the neoliberal subject. Radicals hope for and struggle to achieve a society that is "better" than the status quo.