chapter  5
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Uncertainty and overdetermination 1

ByDonald W. Katzner

Overdeterminationism, in a more expansive form in which recognition is accorded uncertainty, is concerned principally with the question of the manner in which the uncertainty impinges on the confidence that can be held in the adequacy of the explanation. Overdetermination analysis calls for the recognition of uncertainty on at least two distinctive levels. First, uncertainty conceivably resides in the identification of the most significant elements of the myriad of interconnecting lines of causation. Second, uncertainty then conceivably exists in the accordance of the relative strengths of what are identified as sources of explanatory influence and of their relative contribution to overall descriptions of real-world states. Explanations of the making of economic decisions that focus on future outcomes would be created through the development of a discourse that accounts for the myriad influences—economic, social and political—that interact with decision making in an overdetermined way.