chapter  7
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Class and overdetermination

Value theory and the core of Resnick and Wolff’s Marxism
ByBruce Roberts

From the 21st-century perspective, Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff (R&W) are recognized mainly for their focus on class and overdetermination: class as entry point and focus for analyses of social conjunctures, overdetermination as both an epistemological premise and a methodological principle. The author describes the path they took in developing these views. The author develops two themes. First theme is about R&W's engagement with value categories and the methodology of value analysis is underappreciated as a factor overdetermining both the genesis of and the evolving form taken by their distinctive approach. Second is about the choices R&W made concerning value-related issues, in particular the assumptions they imposed, play a consequential role in shaping the class taxonomy that occupies the central place in Knowledge and Class (K&C). Marxian value theory is the formal accounting language through which one poses and then interrogates the capitalist generation of a surplus as a class phenomenon.