chapter  9
Dementia in recent Indian fiction in English
ByPramod K. Nayar
Pages 12

Indian Writing in English (IWE) has shied away from discussing dementia. Contextually, these texts may be situated within a larger and more visible public discourse in the last decade or so, on mental health issues and most notably on geriatric medicine seen in newspapers such as The Hindu. The family is the space of the first manifestation of dementia and related conditions. Thus, all the novels document the instances wherein the family members are the first monitors of the individual's deterioration. Personhood is defined as the standing or status that is bestowed upon one human being, by others, in the context of relationship and social being. It implies recognition, respect and trust. In addition to the collapse of the institutional networks that enable the person to be a person, the novels map the slow erosion of domestic control with the onset of dementia.