chapter  15
26 Pages

Some aspects of cubic B-Spline Approximation method for 3D simulation of electrospun nanofiber jet

WithS. H. Maghsoodlou

206Development and validation of electrospinning process require long periods of time and high costs to determine the optimal system. In this study, an operational approach to experimental optimization “Taguchi method,” where each variable is tested at every level of the other variables, was used. Then, the B-spline collocation methods and a new ODEs solver based on B-spline quasi-interpolation are developed to study the problem of electrospinning process. The problem is a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. A 3D simulation was obtained by applying quartic B-spline collocation method and utilized to solve the system of ODE. For this purpose, the Reneker’s model (bead-spring model) was selected. The governing equations were numerically simulated by new ODEs solver without using perturbation equations in x and y directions. Finally, a comparison between experimental and simulation data was done by using paired t-test which showed an acceptable accuracy of the simulation.