chapter  1
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Synthesis And Transformations Of 2,3-Secotriterpene Derivatives Of Betulin

WithIrina A. Tolmacheva, Natalia V. Galaiko, Ekaterina V. Igosheva, Anastasiya V. Konysheva, Alexey V. Nazarov, Gulnaz F. Krainova, Marina N. Gorbunova, Eugene I. Boreko, Vladimir F. Eremin, Victoria V. Grishko

Pentacyclic triterpenoids of natural and semisynthetic origin are characterized by their high biological activity as a result of the fact that these compounds can be obtained from readily available sources. Typical representatives of this group of triterpenoids are betulin, a major component of birch bark Betula, and its derivatives betulinic and betulonic acids. This chapter explores the obtained results of own researches on the synthesis and chemical modification of 2,3-seco- triterpene compounds that resulted to a wide spectrum of linear and cyclic heteroatom 2,3-secotriterpene derivatives. Synthetic transformations of betulinic and betulonic acids relate mainly to modifications at the C-3 and C-28 atoms. Assessment of the antiviral activity of the 2,3-secoamides showed that introducing pharmacophore groups into the C-3 and/or C-28 position of the carbon skeleton of A-secotriterpenoids could produce compounds with high antiherpes activity.