chapter  10
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Effects of Low Doses Of Savory Essential Oil Dietary Supplementation On Lifetime And The Fatty Acid Composition Of The Ageing Mice Tissues

WithTamara A. Misharina, Valery N. Yerokhin, Lujdmila D. Fatkullina

The effect of long-term administration of essential oil from savory Satureja hortensis L. in low doses with drinking water on the lifetime and on the fatty acids composition in liver and brain of mice of the high- cancer strain AKR was studied. It was found for the first time that long-term administration of an essential oil in low doses increased the average lifetime of mice by 26". The search for natural bioactive substances protecting the organism from unfavorable action of the environment, particularly various carcinogenic factors, has become very important nowadays. Antioxidants are of particular interest as these are by biologically active substances. It is known that some plant products, such as herbs, spices, and their essential oils and extracts, possess wide biological activity, including antioxidant and pharmacological ones. Among natural antioxidants of plant origin, an important place is taken by essential oils which are a mixture of volatile compounds isolated from aromatic plants.