chapter  11
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Technology for Obtaining of Biopreparations and Investigation of Their Effectiveness

WithTatyana V. Khurshkainen, Alexander V. Kutchin

This chapter focuses on investigation of emulsion method of extraction low-molecular compounds from Abies and Picea wood greenery. Renewable plant raw materials are the source of bioactive substances, which are used to obtain specimen for medicine, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, agriculture, etc. Extraction methods based on water, organic solvents, and condensed gases are used for extraction substances from plant raw materials. The wood greenery of Abies and Picea, which meet the requirements of State Standard 21679-84, gathered in the suburbs of Syktyvkar were used for the experiment. The humidity of the raw material was determined by Dean-Stark method. The rational of the research is to develop a complex technology of processing plant raw material by eco-friendly emulsion method for obtaining natural biopreparations. Coniferous wood greenery is waste products of lumbering, which are not used. The chemical composition of coniferous wood greenery is complicated and various.