chapter  14
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Antiradical Properties of Essential Oils and Extracts From Spices

WithTamara A. Misharina, Ekaterina S. Alinkina

Natural spices and their derivative products-essential oils and extracts-during many centuries are widely used in the all countries of the world as really natural flavorings for foodstuffs. The use of spices increases the shelf life of products due to the decrease in microbiological activity and intensity of lipid oxidation. The composition of essential oils was analyzed with a HP 5890/5980 device (Hewlett Packard, United States) equipped with silica-fused capillary column HP-1 with the temperature programed from 50°C to 250°C at a rate of 4°/min. Quantitative analysis of the component content was performed by measurement of the peak areas obtained during the chromatographic analysis under conditions similar to that of chromatographic-mass spectrometry with a flame-ionizing detector by the method of simple normalization. The berries of pimento have the name allspice in the Europe because it has the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove combined in it.