chapter  15
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The Chemical Composition Of Essential Oils From Wildgrowing And Introduced Plants Of The Astrakhan Region

WithAnatoly V. Velikorodov, Vyacheslav B. Kovalev, Svyatoslav B. Nosachev, Alexey G. Tyrkov, Maria V. Pitelina, Ekaterina V. Shchepetova

This chapter provides data on studying the chemical composition of essential oils isolated from land parts of wild-growing plants of the Astrakhan region. The unique character of the biota in the Astrakhan region is explained by the specifics of the geographical location and climate. The natural features make the flora of the Astrakhan region diverse; there are both widespread species and those with a very limited habitat. The Caspian deserts are the land of suffrutescent sagebrushes among which white wormwood, black wormwood, sand wormwood, and common wormwood are the most widespread. The family of wormwoods is presented in the Astrakhan region by 10 species, many of them have a large habitat and form the considerable phytomass that can explain the prospects of their practical use. The components in the composition of essential oil are often identical, but there are also differences. The dry raw materials were received according to the rules of picking and drying pharmaceutical herbs.