chapter  2
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Synthesis and Membrane- Protective Properties Of Sulfur-Containing Derivatives Of Monoterpenoides With Monosaccharide Fragments

WithAlexander V. Kutchin, Svetlana V. Pestova, Evgeny S. Izmest’ev, Oksana G. Shevchenko, Svetlana A. Rubtsova

Natural and semisynthetic thioglycosides possess a wide range of biological activity. When a biologically active monosaccharide fragment is introduced into the structure of the lipophilic fragment, such as a terpene, this makes it possible to produce the entire conjugate being soluble in water, which facilitates its further application in pharmacology. The presence of a sulfur atom, which is able to be oxidized, in the structure, can impart antioxidant properties caused antiperoxide activity of the sulfur-containing groups. One of the most suitable and affordable objects for estimation of membrane-protective and antioxidant activity of new compounds is the nonnuclear red blood cells of mammals. The activity of the given sulfur-containing compounds is due to their action inhibiting the peroxide decomposition, but they are not able to except the total process. Most of the tested compounds showed an ability to inhibit the death of erythrocytes under the acute stress conditions induced by the addition of hydrogen peroxide.