chapter  3
28 Pages

The Synthesis and Properties of New Oxygen- and Nitrogen- Containing Terpene Acid Derivatives

WithMaksim P Bei, Anatolij P Yuvchenko

This chapter explores the development of efficient methods of synthesis of new derivatives of maleopimaric acid (MPA)—esters, amides, imides, imido amides, diimido acids, imido esters, fumaropimaric acid monoamides, and of oxygen- and nitrogen-containing derivatives of previously unknown citraconopimaric acid. The development of efficient methods for the preparation of MPA derivatives and its structural analogues and determination of structure- properties relations of obtained terpene compounds for preparation of new high-technology materials refer to the intensively developing "green chemistry" and are of great scientific and technological importance. The chapter describes a number of MPA aliphatic imides and its derivatives including imides with antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties. Secondary amines generally react with compounds containing cyclic anhydride group giving anhydride ring opening products—amido acids. The needs of environmental protection and sustainable development require a wide use of renewable resources instead of petroleum-based raw materials for the manufacture of synthetic products.