chapter  4
17 Pages

Structural and Chemical Modification Of Cellulose in Phosphotungstic Acid-Formic Acid System and Sulfation Prepared Derivatives

WithElena V. Udoratina, Michael A. Torlopov

This chapter demonstrates a controlled destruction of cellulose in formic acid catalyzed by phosphotungstic acid (PTA). Products of acid—catalytic destruction of cellulose are the powder cellulose (PC), including microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), they are widely applied in various industries. PC and its modifications are used as sorbents, fillers, carriers, thickeners in the food and pharmacological industry. The chapter describes the results of the combined transformation of the cellulose including catalytic destruction and esterification by phosphotungstic acid-formic acid system. It also demonstrates theuse obtaining derivatives (CFs) with various molecular mass and degree of substitution for synthesis of CSs. The sulfur amount in the sulfated cellulose (CS) was determined by elemental analysis. Water-soluble CS with a maximum degree of substitution of sulfate groups at 2.5 were obtained by reacting CFs with aminosulfonic acid.