chapter  5
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Effect of Complexation With Phospholipids and Polarity of Medium on the Reactivity of Phenolic Antioxidants

WithLyudmila N. Shishkina, Lidiya I. Mazaletskaya, Kseniya M. Marakulina, Yuliya K. Lukanina, Irina G. Plashchina, Nataliya I. Sheludchenko

Efficiency of the phenolic antioxidants (InH) essentially depends on many factors, including the properties of the medium. This results in the difference of their activity as inhibitors of the free radical processes including in the model systems. This chapter focuses on the influence of the structure of isobornylphenols, for example, 2-isobornyloxyphenol and 2-isobornyl- phenol on their kinetic characteristics in the oxidation reactions under the different oxidation conditions in the complex systems and their ability both to form complexes with lecithin and to affect its aggregation, depending on the polarity of medium. The qualitative and quantitative composition of phospholipid (PL) in lecithin was determined by thin-layer chromatography (TLC). Effect of lecithin on the inhibitory efficiency of investigated isobornylphenols is found to depend on the initiation rate in the oxidation process and the nature of the oxidation substrate.