chapter  8
21 Pages

Problem of Modification of Technical Lignins Using Acylation Method

WithAndrey V. Protopopov, Danil D. Efryushin, Vadim V. Konshin

This chapter explores the possibility of chemical modification of sulfate lignin carboxic acids. It also focuses on the kinetics of the reaction of acylation and the thermodynamic parameters of the acylation reaction of the activated complex and the overall activation energy. The chapter discusses the research on absorption of methylene blue, phenol, and ion of metal. The problem of the industrial waste utilization is one of the most relevant tasks of the rational nature management. Accumulated industrial waste takes up a lot of areas; it is a source of the environmental pollution and causes deterioration of conditions for human living and habitats of organisms. The lignin being a wood component is the most difficult recycle material resulting from its chemical processing of pulp and paper, as well as hydrolysis plants. Methods of lignin recycling in the initial (unmodified) form are mainly based on using its dispersing, adhesive and surface-active properties.