chapter  18
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Resource Conservation Agriculture Practices, Rhizosphere, And Diseases Of Wheat Under Wheat–Rice Cropping System** **Part of M.Sc thesis of senior author

WithAnju Rani, Devendra Pal Singh

506Rice–wheat is the most important cropping system in Indo Gangetic region of India and South Asia. It is in practice since last four decades and there is no immediate alternate to it in this region. Being two different soil systems (aerobic and unaerobic), it is of much importance to keep track of effect of rice-wheat cropping system on soil and crop health for its sustainability and profitability. There had been studies indicating decline of organic carbon under rice-wheat cropping system in states like Punjab and Haryana in India especially under situation of non-incorporation of crop residues in soil. The results of studies conducted at ICAR-IIWBR Karnal, India on retention and incorporation of crop residues of either rice or wheat or both had positive effect on soil microbial population, root health and had lower diseased root volume as compared to burning of crop residues.