chapter  4
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Overcoming stripe rust of wheat: A threat to food security

WithOm P. Gangwar, Subhash C. Bhardwaj, Subodh Kumar, Pramod Prasad, Hanif Khan, Siddanna Savadi

116Wheat yield is affected by various biotic and abiotic stresses. Of the biotic stresses, yellow rust is most important disease especially in cooler regions of the world. During the past two decades, a number of virulent races/pathot- ypes of wheat yellow rust pathogen have emerged, causing concerns to wheat production. Adaptations and spread of new virulent races to the regions of warmer climate, is further posing the threat to world food security. Recently the new race defeating Yr27 has caused severe losses in many countries of Africa and Asia. Growing resistant cultivars of wheat is most economical and effective in managing the yellow rust. Fungicides may be resorted in case of sudden outbreak of disease but it is not a pragmatic approach. Development and distribution of rust resistant varieties through accelerated breeding assisted by modern biotechnological tools, strengthening the research capacity and awareness of the farmers, continuous surveillance and strategic planning at country level, and effective global collaboration are essential for containing yellow rust and ensuring world food security.