chapter  6
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Management of karnal bunt and loose smut diseases in wheat

WithRitu Bala, Jaspal Kaur, Indu Sharma

184The Karnal bunt of wheat caused by Tilletia indica Mitra is an important disease of wheat due to quarantine regulations imposed by several countries for import of Karnal bunt (KB) free wheat. The disease is difficult to manage due to its air borne, soil borne and seed borne nature. Several methods have been employed for its management but none of them gave 100% effectiveness. The loose smut (LS) of wheat caused by Ustilago segatum tritici is a menace to wheat as it has a potential to cause 100% loss of the yield. The disease can be effectively controlled by chemicals. But the management by chemicals is neither economic nor eco-friendly. Thus a review on the management of KB and LS is given here to devise effective, eco-friendly and economic strategies for the management of these diseases.