chapter  9
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Advice for Front Office Staff

ByBrain Van Brunt, Amy Murphy

Front office staffs are the unsung heroes of higher education. Front office staff can become frustrated with hearing the same story, receiving the same late form, assignment, or payment. They experience more burnout than other staff and often feel a sense of frustration at the school for letting these kinds of students in and are the first to complain about topics like Millennial entitlement. But they are also some of the best, most caring people we encountered in our travels. In addition, these front office staffs have an amazing opportunity to have a positive impact on those students who are struggling in some of the most profound ways. Front office staffs have a responsibility to not leave a student in a hopeless, frustrated, and overwhelmed place. There is always an option, a caring referral, or a next step that can be taken. The chapter offers some guidance to staffs who are working with students on the phone.