chapter  11
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Advice for Student Activities Staff

ByBrain Van Brunt, Amy Murphy

This chapter focuses on the student activities staff working with students in a number of capacities related to involvement, transition, and engagement experiences. It's important for student activities staff to acknowledge some of the inherent challenges and opportunities associated with their work. The work of student activities staff is further complicated by the location where these activities occur. Student activities staff are also in key positions to help with the prevention of student concerns and with interventions for individuals. When it comes to educating students about wellness issues, utilization of campus resources, or other risk factors related to student crisis, student activities staff know the ins and outs of campus programming and gaining access to audiences of students. Student activities staff are front and center to most aspects of student life and the college experience. Student activities staff must be part of a coordinated response when student concerns arise involving a student involved in a group or activity.