chapter  4
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Motivating and Inspiring Change

ByBrain Van Brunt, Amy Murphy

Staffs have an opportunity to make a true difference in the student's life and have an impact on their behavior, choices, and future. There are certain characteristics and attributes that make staffs' bridges stronger. Some of these can be created and strengthened; some just exist in their environment. Staffs look to the bigger picture to take part in bringing about change in the student's life. Whether the staffs like the term mentor, advisor, helper, coach, advocate, or cheerleader, all have the underlying desire to assist the student in a solution-focused and positive manner to overcome the challenges that face them in their progress and the college. The chapter outlines some of the techniques such as rapport building, motivational interviewing, change theory, setting boundaries, and making the appropriate referral, staff can become effective agents for change in the student's life. Students often struggle with academics in the classroom or interacting with staff in offices around campus because of a disability.