chapter  6
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The Campus BIT, Threat Assessment, Dangerousness

ByBrain Van Brunt, Amy Murphy

Most schools around the nation have invested in Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs)/Threat Assessment Teams (TATs) whose expressed mission is to identify, assess, and manage threat and dangerousness on campus. Colleges and universities need to implement threat assessment teams. These teams are essential to identifying threats, reviewing the nature of the threat, and mitigating the risk. Threat Assessment Teams (TATs) are said to focus primarily on identifying threats to campus safety. Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs) focus on identifying behaviors of concern and providing intervention strategies and action plans to address the behavior. Most staff on a college campus will not be in a position to conduct a detailed threat assessment on a student. But having the knowledge of these critical risk factors and an understanding of how the team functions helps create front line staff who can identify concerns early and share these concerns with the team.