chapter  8
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Advice for Academic Advisors

ByBrain Van Brunt, Amy Murphy

Academic advisors sit at the intersection of student experiences in and outside of the classroom. Advising structures will vary from institution to institution with some schools utilizing centralized advising where most students see a common group of advisors regularly. In many institutions, advisors are already responsible for identifying students at risk and recognizing patterns of student behaviors. The school may use formal, predictive modeling programs to track student progress and pinpoint students who are at risk for failing or dropping out of school. Advisors are also encouraged to note interactions with students and often utilize some centralized record system shared with other advisors. Advisors share a unique perspective with access to information on a student's history and experiences at the institution, and in some cases prior to enrollment. The chapter highlights some more challenging case examples and offer advice related to the three phases of calming the initial crisis, motivating and inspiring change, and managing the ongoing behavior.