chapter  39
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Mediated Urban Protest

Practicing Dissent in Hybrid City Spaces
WithTetyana Lokot

This chapter argues that the use of digitally networked media for civic action and protest must be analyzed within the broader context of mediated human activity in cities. Urban protest today occurs simultaneously online, offline and in urban spaces. This hybridity and multi-spatiality calls for an interdisciplinary approach to studying mediated urban protest, accounting for the urban environment as a digitally mediated spatial context, the platforms and technologies that mediate protest activity in the city, and the political and cultural context of dissent. The chapter presents case studies which include the Gezi Park protests (Istanbul, Turkey), the Occupy Movement and its protests around the world, Tahrir Square protests (Cairo, Egypt) and other Arab Spring events, the Bolotnaya Square protests (Moscow, Russia) and the Euromaidan protests (Kyiv, Ukraine).