chapter  4
School Psychology in Medical Settings
ByDavid L. Wodrich, Steven I. Pfeiffer
Pages 19

A school psychologist in a medical setting is something of a logical contradiction. Although little uniformity exists, professional psychologists with school psychology preparation may be certified for independent practice, may practice in varied medical arenas, and may be granted formal status as health care providers including hospital privileges and listing in the National Register. An examination of school psychologists' training and experience is in order, followed by descriptions of the demands in various medical settings where school psychologists might work. The school psychologists' in-depth training in the areas mentioned in this chapter results in substantial skills that can be appraised for their match with medical setting job expectations. The chapter presents a case study of 7-year-old Caucasian male who was seen by a pediatric neurologist who worked at a children's hospital. Variations on child psychiatry inpatient programs that have recently gained popularity include partial hospitalization or day hospital programs.