chapter  5
School Psychology Applied to Business
ByPatti L. Harrison, George Mccloskey
Pages 31

School psychology in a business setting requires a reconceptualization of the traditional clients and settings of school psychologists. Training and expertise in both psychology and education differentiates school psychologists from human service professionals in other specialty areas. One of the major roles of school psychologists throughout the history of the field has been to serve handicapped individuals. Vocational school psychologists may be employed by most businesses that employ handicapped workers. This chapter discusses four types of services provided to general business clients: personnel assessment, education and training, organizational interventions, and counseling. Psychologists is business settings are often responsible for personnel assessment functions. Schools and businesses are so similar that the organizational problems encountered by psychologists in schools and business are nearly identical in scope and nature. Counseling is considered one of the standard activities in the repertoire of school psychologists. School psychologists can be employed in a research capacity by almost any type of business.