chapter  8
The Past, Present and Future of School Psychology in Nontraditional Settings
ByRik Carl D’amato, Raymond S. Dean
Pages 25

Lightner Witmer has often been credited with the underlying conceptualization of both school psychology and clinical psychology. With the Boulder Conference as a backdrop, some school psychologists began arguing for a similar conference to outline elements of training and practice with school-age children. With special education reimbursements tied to rather strict procedures in determining children's initial and continuing eligibility and the fact that the bulk of the child assessment procedures are provided by psychological personnel, the school psychologist's role has become further solidified within the schools. Hyman argues that the lack of effective contact between psychology and education is a problem of social policy and planning. The chapter shows some of the nontraditional settings where school psychologists have successfully practiced. Consulting family-service psychologist offers a wholistic view of the child who is interacting with the educational system in light of the functioning of their family, peers, and community.