chapter  9
18 Pages

Performance Measurement in the Military Services

WithRobert Vineberg, John N. Joyner

This chapter describes about performance measurement in the military highlights characteristics of the military that distinguish it from industry and discusses specific instruments used in the services. The evaluation of individual performance is certainly the most frequent form of human-performance measurement in the military services, and the methods used are sufficiently well developed to provide a basis for discussing practices and problems. Typical instances of individual measurement includes assessing a person's qualifications for entry into service, evaluating his or her earliest career performance—training performance—and later evaluating the quality and quantity of work on the job. Evaluation of the factors that constitute overall suitability is provided most frequently by supervisor ratings of performance. The performance of individuals in the military services is evaluated throughout a person's military career for a variety of purposes, including diagnosing training achievement, determining qualification for assignment, promotion, and reenlistment, and estimating combat readiness.