chapter  7
18 Pages

How rainbow gatherings work: (dis)organization in small acts

ByKristen C. Blinne, Tenali Hrenak

This chapter discusses how Rainbow Gatherings work or how the infrastructure comes together to create a gathering. He organizes the conversation over breakfast into a series of small acts as a way to build in pauses for reflection. First and foremost, Rainbow is primarily an oral tradition. For this reason, the author believes Butterfly Bill offers an explanation of this that mirrors our conversational process when he states: Rainbow culture is mostly an oral one. Oral tradition is what keeps Rainbow culture together – passing songs and stories – through generations – whether it is a humorous story or some terrible story or some magical experience. In each year, the Rainbow Family hosts an annual gathering on public land, creating a non-commercial, temporary sustainable city that is free to all who attend. A way to help people visualize Rainbow kitchens is to imagine these structures crafted from fallen timber.