chapter  8
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Good ol’ boys and their analog networks

ByAlix R. Watson

in this chapter, the author shares his experience of working at WHYE to explain what it means as a move forward with his career. According to Taormina the organizational encounter phase is when a new employee "acquires a functional level of organizational understanding, attains supportive social interactions with coworkers, and generally accepts the established ways of a particular organization". Many researchers have since explored the connection between the universal worker and hegemonic masculinity. Connell defines hegemonic masculinity as "the configuration of gender practice which embodies the currently accepted answer to the problem of the legitimacy of patriarchy. While the ideals by which an employee is judged are masculine, stereotypically feminine attributes are subsequently devalued. Female workers can take on those stereotypically male and masculine attributes in an effort to buy into the hegemonic structure of the workplace in order to succeed.