chapter  12
28 Pages

Flexible and Reusable Industrial Control Application

WithGernot Kollegger, Arnold Kopitar

This chapter shows how object-oriented and hardware-independent engineering is designed to support solutions for the latest challenges and aims to develop reuseable software objects to keep engineering costs reasonable despite increasing challenges. In automation of complex systems, there is a need for a flexible and easy distribution of intelligence or control logic to several or many controllers. Autonomous and self-adapting control units make manufacturing more efficient and flexible. A common task of automation programs is the sequential execution of commands for valves, drives, regulators and other components. Automatically established communication paths between distributed controllers and between controllers and several visualization clients are reducing the risk of faults. A prerequisite to reach the expected capabilities is the transformation of real world components into software components. Complex software components such as motors, control loops and dosing lines combine or integrate their functionality in a hierarchieal manner.