chapter  13
15 Pages

Building Automation Simply Done

WithGernot Kollegger, Arnold Kopitar

This chapter shows how complexity can be reduced for the system integrator by means of object-oriented engineering based on International Electrotechnical Commission 61499 concepts to promote a simpler and faster building automation engineering. A building control system has specific requirements to be addressed on different levels of a building. There are specific requirements for the engineering process, for operating and interacting with the users, and controlling the individual levels of a building. For better building automation, cost transparency must become more common or building automation must become simpler. The International Electrotechnical Commission 61499 standard includes the definition of adapter interfaces. Adapter interfaces allow bidirectional communication between function blocks. Adapters help to reduce the complexity for technicians using and combining function blocks in their projects. To build scalable applications, adapters are used to interconnect the different technologies in a flexible way and release the basic room control applications from hardware dependencies.